Pop Art

I started painting popular images about nine years ago. Toys, T.V. Shows and Movie Scenes. A few political paintings made some headlines. I initially had the idea that I would stay neutral with the subject matter and let them simply be conversation pieces. They began to evolve into more personal feelings, what I see going on around me; and lately they have taken on a vicarious platform for me. We all love certain scenes in movies, scenes that stick with us. The reasons can be varied and so I have been painting my favorite scenes to celebrate the other art forms of Acting, Cinematography and Screen Writing. Really many creative areas when you think about how many creative jobs go into making a movie or a T.V. show.

I don't project the original image so as not to make ''a copy'' rather I use the image as reference and when painted on the canvas thus becomes my interpretation. Artistically using a projector can give a painting a very stiff feel and I prefer a more expressive experience when painting.

These paintings have shown around the Tampa Bay Area and have had huge positive reactions, winning Best of Shows and other awards. 

Lastly I would like to mention the difficulty in painting these images; the focus one must have is intense. This focusing on capturing likenesses through realism feeds my other genre of work, my Figurative style. One could compare this to a writer who reads a lot. Reading difficult work feeds the writer's own work.

Figurative Paintings

My most personal category of paintings, labeled ''Figurative'' because of being able to recognize a figure or an object in the painting. These are painted from my own pencil sketches and the ideas/images are from my mind. I sold many of these in Atlanta, GA in the late 90's. Many influences infuse these paintings: Fauvism, Impressionism, Modernism and Cubism. Some Influential artists are Matisse, Klee and Picasso. 

I am currently (2018) working on many Figurative paintings.

Landscape Paintings

 I have always been inspired by nature and people in everyday life situations. I paint small landscapes on location and large landscapes from my own pictures. My style with these paintings has been described at ''Painterly Realism''. Many of my landscapes have made it to homes around the world.