Large Florida Paintings for Sale

Below is a photo gallery of large paintings I have available for sale. These all have been painted in St. Petersburg, FL. They are around 30 x 40 inches and are priced from $800 to $1800.  There is more info on purchasing an original painting at the bottom of this page.

Small Paintings for Sale

 Below is a photo gallery of small paintings I have available for sale. These are mostly 11x16 and 16x20 inches. They are priced from $300 to $600 dollars. Contact me if you would like more information about any of these paintings. 

Acquiring Original Art


I work in acrylic and oil paint on stretched canvas. If you are interested in purchasing an original painting please contact me via email, I travel a lot and may not be able to get an original to you quickly. If I'm in St. Pete, FL then I can ship it right away. I can't take returns on originals. I will insure shipping, so if the painting arrives damaged and insurance covers it then I can take it back. Keep in mind that little imperfections go with anything hand made. I will let you know everything about your painting before I send it.

These original paintings take many hours to produce not to mention a lifetime of expertise. My promise to you is that you will receive a highly collectible work of art. You will be working with me through the whole process. I will take every measure possible to insure your satisfaction. The small C.Sneary watermark is not on the original painting.

Tax and Shipping (in the continental U.S) are included in the price.

Thank you for supporting the arts, Curt :)