Collector Steve May with his ''Sailing School'' Painting

I was immediately captivated by this painting – instantly feeling a part of the scene…a scene that was both familiar and foreign…but movingly tranquil.  The iconic image of the old pier, with the training sail boats from the marina became a must have.  Having just moved to St. Pete, I knew I wanted to decorate with some local flavor.  This became my center piece for a beachy cottage – and we decorated around it.  Today, every guest comments on this amazing piece of art!  And as time passes this painting becomes more and more alive to tell the history of St. Petersburg.  I just love it. 

Collector Steve May with his ''Vinoy'' Painting

The Vinoy is St. Petersburg’s Hotel.  Its classic architecture and prominence on the Northern edge of the city says a lot about my home town.  When I saw Curt’s painting of the hotel
I immediately felt the energy he was trying to convey.  If those walls could talk!  Every time I look at this painting I find something new and interesting that draws my eye even deeper into this magical place.  This has to be the best rendition of this timeless hotel!

Thanks for sharing your eye with us Curt! 

Greg Read with his ''Albert Whitted'' Painting

'' Proud owner of a Curt Sneary painting! Albert Whitted Airport scene.

Thank you, Curt !!!!! — with Greg Read.

Curt Sneary is the bomb! My husband has wanted one of his paintings for quite a few years, and now we have one hanging on our living room wall!!! Curt captures St. Pete at its finest! Being a Florida native, and growing up in St. Pete, I truly appreciate his work!! Thank you for being such a fine presence in St. Petersburg, and our art community! ''

- Joan Sanford Champaign

Collector Jennifer Hartman with her ''Foraging Herons'' Painting

 '' This beautiful painting hangs in our home . We love this piece from Curt .

It brings the outdoors in, the bright birds against the foliage and the depth perspective of the painting is amazing ! 

Thanks Curt, we will treasure this piece of Art for a very long time!''

- Jennifer Hartman, Madeira Beach, FL 

Collector Cindeè Shealy with her ''Beach Drive'' and ''Satellite Beach'' Paintings

 ''I had purchased these two paintings from Curt a few years ago; they hang in my living room and I see them every day_beautiful! Reminders of my time living in Sarasota, FL while I was enrolled at the Ringling School of Art and Design. These paintings make me smile every time I look at them. Curt is one big talent!

- Cindeè Shealy - 

Collector Glenn Shelton with his ''Boyd Hill'' Paintings

 ''A few months ago, I went to the Kenwood Bungalow Fest and came to Curt's open house on the tour. Curt had some paintings displayed in his yard on the fence. I immediately loved them. As some of us experience, I did not make a purchase then but had stirrings in my heart about those paintings.
I returned to Kenwood for an art walk and went to Curt's home again. I did not see those paintings but inquired. He had them stored elsewhere. We agreed upon a price, and these incredibly descriptive nature paintings - a set of 3 paintings inspired while painting in "Boyd Hill Nature Preserve" in St. Petersburg, FL. - are now exhibited proudly in my living area.

My friends love these pieces too!
What great talent he has!''

Glenn Shelton